Inclusion Services For Children


One of the most common inclusion services we provide for children in Sweden today is transport to and from school. Our transport operation comprises of approximately 750 special vehicles only in Stockholm (the capital). Please read more about this under” Inclusive Transport”

Student assistant at School

Many countries today strive to make it possible for all children to go in ordinary schools when possible, rather than sending children with special needs to special schools. In order to facilitate this” Student assistants” have been an important tool to include more children with special needs in ordinary schools in Sweden.

Student assistants work in schools and help students who need support in order to follow the course. Student assistants work with children and adolescents who have special needs. This may involve, for example help in dealing with reading and writing difficulties, concentration problems, psychosocial difficulties and or different types of disabilities.

Personal assistance

Personal assistance is a personally designed support that can be given to a person who, due to their disability, has an extensive need for assistance. The person decides who should perform operations on the basis of his decision on personal assistance. Personal assistance is regulated by Swedish law (1993: 387) concerning support and service for certain disabled persons (LSS). The goal of the initiatives launched under the LSS is to promote human equality in living conditions and everyone’s full participation in society. Activities must be based on respect for individual autonomy and privacy. The individual should not be separate from society because of their disability without using stakes LSS should instead be given the opportunity to live their lives as other people in the community.